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edTPA Completion Outside of New York State

The New York State Education Department has received the following question:

Some New York teacher preparation programs permit teacher candidates to complete their required clinical experience at schools located within, and subject to control by, a foreign jurisdiction.  Such teacher candidates permitted by their programs to complete their clinical experience requirement in a foreign jurisdiction may not be allowed to videotape their experience inside the classroom, presenting difficulty when preparing their edTPA portfolio in order to meet New York State teacher certification requirements.  What does the Department recommend programs and certification candidates do?

SED Response:

Teacher preparation programs registered by the Department are required, pursuant to section 52.21 of the Commissioner’s regulations to, among other things, “provide sufficient resources and equipment” for candidates to complete their program requirements, and are required to maintain formal relationships with local schools as needed to ensure that candidates can meet all program requirements.  Teacher preparation programs are encouraged to partner with school districts in order to ensure that candidates have access to classrooms that allow them to meet program requirements and that also allow them to fulfill their certification requirements. Candidates should avoid placements where they cannot complete the video portion of the edTPA in order to ensure they can meet New York certification requirements.  If a candidate’s prior clinical experience did not allow videotaping, the candidate may consider exploring programs that provide an additional clinical classroom experience in a school district or BOCES which allows videotaping in order to facilitate completion of the edTPA.  There are also some teacher preparation programs that offer an independent 1 to 3 credit hour course that provides the candidate with the opportunity to complete the edTPA after they have completed their program and are no longer enrolled in college.

If a candidate is considering applying for certification in New York State, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that he/she will be able to complete New York’s teacher certification requirements, including videotaping the portions of the experience necessary for edTPA completion. 

Last Updated: August 14, 2014