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July 2018

The Office of Higher Education (OHE) newsletter describes the current and upcoming activities related to higher education.

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Board Of Regents July Item

Individual Evaluation Certification Pathway. To help address reported teacher shortages across the state, a new regulation pdf file reinstates the individual evaluation pathway for certification in the areas of early childhood education, childhood education, generalist in middle childhood education, English language arts (grades 5-9 and grades 7-12), and literacy (birth-grade 6 and grades 5-12). The new individual evaluation pathways will become effective on September 2, 2018.


Computer science education programs leading to the Computer Science (All Grades) certificate pdf file must include 12 semester hours of computer science coursework that addresses the following five concepts from the K-12 Computer Science Frameworkexternal link (2016): algorithms and programming, computing systems, data and analysis, impacts of computing, networks and the internet. Guidance on the computer science coursework is available on the Office of College and University Evaluation website pdf file, including definitions of the five concepts to assist in the development or identification of courses.

During the coursework requirement, candidates must also learn the American Disabilities Act (ADA) website accessibility compliance requirements and how to code for accessibility. In addition, they must learn and understand how computers can be used in educational settings to meet the needs of all learners, including those with learning differences.


Adding the Students with Disabilities Grade Level Extensions to Programs

Educator preparation providers could add the new Students with Disabilities (SWD) grade level extensionspdf file to their registered SWD Generalist programs leading to certification in birth-grade 2, grades 1-6, and/or grades 7-12 by submitting a program change application. On the application, SWD generalist programs would add the students with disabilities pedagogical course listed in the table below for the particular programs and extension. The Department would add the extension to the program, enabling program completers to be eligible for both the certificate and the extension.

SWD Generalist Program

Add a 3-Semester Hour Students with Disabilities Course at This Level

Grade Levels of the Extension

Birth-Grade 2


Grades 3-4

Grades 1-6

Early Childhood


Grades 1-6

Middle School

Grades 7-8

Grades 7-12

Middle School

Grades 5-6

Eligible teachers who completed a SWD Generalist program in the past would need to complete the required CTLE/coursework requirement and apply to the Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) for a SWD grade level extension. OTI would review the teachers’ documents through individual evaluation to determine if they satisfy the requirements for the extension.

College Recommendations from Sdbl Programs for the Transitional H Certificate

The Transitional H certification pathway pdf file allows holders of a New York State Certified Public Accountant license to work as a School District Business Leader (SDBL) while they complete the requirements for the School District Business Leader (SDBL) Professional certificate. Candidates who are eligible for the Transitional H certificate would enroll in a SDBL program and be exempt from completing the internship requirement. After they are enrolled, educator preparation providers (EPPs) would submit a college recommendation in TEACH for the Transitional H certificate to verify their enrollment. EPPs do not need to register their programs as leading to the Transitional H certificate.

Ceedar Center Technical Assistance in New York State

The CEEDAR Centerexternal linkaccepted an application for technical assistance from the Department and six institutions of higher education (IHEs) (CUNY Queens College, CUNY City College, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Buffalo State, Syracuse University, and Touro College) to reform the preparation of general and special education teachers and leaders. With the assistance of the Center, the Department and six IHEs will address the statewide need to develop a knowledge base in the area of inclusive education and an efficient dissemination model that provides New York State educator preparation providers (EPPs) with access to resources and materials that provides user-friendly illustrations of evidence-based, high-leverage practices that benefit students with and without IEPs and learning and behavioral challenges.

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Multi-Subject: Teachers Of Childhood (Grade 1– Grade 6) Part Two: Mathematics Practice Quiz

In addition to the preparation materials for the Multi-Subject: Teachers of Childhood (Grade 1 – Grade 6) Content Specialty Test (MS 1-6 CST), a new practice quizexternal linkwith 20 math questions is available on the NYSTCE website for candidates to prepare for Part Two: Mathematics of the MS 1-6 CST. The practice quiz may also be helpful for candidates who will take Part Two: Mathematics of the Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth – Grade 2) Content Specialty Test. The practice quiz will be available until the full-length practice test is provided in the fall of 2018. When candidates complete the practice quiz, they will receive feedback on each of their answers. The feedback includes references to the MS 1-6 CST Frameworkexternal link and the NYS Learning Standards and links to engageNY learning modules for additional practice.

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