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October 2018

The Office of Higher Education (OHE) newsletter describes the current and upcoming activities related to higher education.

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Education Deans/Directors are currently providing the Office of Teaching Initiatives with the data needed to distribute assessment fee vouchers for the Content Specialty Tests (CSTs), Educating All Students (EAS) test, and edTPA. In order to distribute the vouchers, the office needs data from the institutions of higher education as soon as possible.


CTE Grades 5 and 6 Extensions. A proposed regulatory amendment would enable career and technical education (CTE) teachers in grades 7-12 to earn an extension to teach in specific career and technical education certificate titles in grades 5 and 6. The proposal would also allow institutions of higher education to develop an educator preparation program that leads to an extension to teach in grades 5 and 6 in any specific career and technical education title. The requirements for the grades 5 and 6 extension are six semester hours of coursework in middle childhood education, which include study in early adolescent development and instructional strategies in middle childhood education. Following the 60-day public comment period, it is anticipated that this proposed regulatory amendment will be adopted at the February 2019 meeting.


The 2018 New York State Association of Teacher Educators (NYSATE)/New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NYACTE)external link Annual Fall Conference took place on October 10-12 in Saratoga Springs and included several presentationsexternal link from New York State Education Department leaders and staff members. Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, Senior Deputy Commissioner Jhone Ebert, and Deputy Commissioner John D’Agati each led plenary sessions and Elena Bruno from the Office of Higher Education served on a panel. In addition, Laura Glass and Matt O’Brien from the Office of Teaching Initiatives and Anne Hartjen from the Office of State Assessment provided updates related to certification and the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE)external link at a plenary session. Their presentations are available online on the NYSATE webpageexternal link and NYACTE webpageexternal link.


The New York State Education Department has issued an announcement of funding opportunity for the Teacher Diversity Pipeline Pilot program. The purpose of the program is to assist teacher aides and teaching assistants in attaining the necessary education and professional training to obtain teacher certification. For this grant opportunity, a high-need public school district or a BOCES that serves two or more such districts must form a partnership. The partnership must include an eligible New York State institution of higher education with an approved undergraduate teacher preparation program that can recommend candidates for certification in a shortage subject area or hard to fill area (as defined in the grant proposal). For additional information, please review the full Announcement of Funding Opportunity.



Educational Technology Specialist CST, Business and Marketing CST, and SBL Assessment Committees. In early November, the Department will be facilitating Framework Review and Item Validation Committees for the Business and Marketing Content Specialist Test (CST)external link and the Educational Technology Specialist CSTexternal link. In addition, a Framework Review Committee will review the School Building Leader (SBL) assessment framework external link in late November to ensure that it is aligned with the Professional Standards for Educational Leadersexternal link.

Recruitment for the Students with Disabilities, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Health Education CSTs. The Department is seeking qualified professionals to serve as members on the Item Review Committees for the Students with Disabilitiesexternal link, Social Studiesexternal link, Mathematicsexternal link, and Health Educationexternal link Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) scheduled to convene in early December 2018. New York State educator preparation program faculty who are preparing candidates to teach in these fields, educators who hold Professional or Permanent certification and have expertise in these fields, and school building or school district leaders who oversee these programs are encouraged to apply by visiting the Teacher Participation Opportunities webpage and completing the online application external link. Please submit your applications and nominations now. If you are not available for this work, we ask that you nominate one or two educators who are knowledgeable in the field. Once you have nominated them, please ask your nominees to go to the same link to complete the application.


The Department has convened two workgroups to explore current and future requirements for the teacher and principal Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)) beginning this month. Each workgroup includes teachers and principals from across New York State, as well as administrators and representatives of P-12 stakeholder organizations. Future teachers and leaders should be aware of this work and be sure that their voices are heard in the process. The goal of these workgroups is to create recommendations for an ideal evluation system, as well as recommendations for what may need to be revisited in guidance, regulation, or State law.



The New York State Education Department, with the approval of the NYS Board of Regents, has updated the statewide list of approved Ability to Benefit (ATB) Tests for the purposes of eligibility for State Financial Aid. A candidate seeking State financial aid, including TAP, for the first time must pass a federally-approved ATB test identified by the Board of Regents if the candidate does not possess a U.S. high school diploma or its recognized equivalent. The federal government passed new ATB provisions in 2015, and the Board of Regents has now amended the list of New York State approved ATB tests to include all tests approved for federal financial aid purposes. A Federal Student Aid memoexternal link includes a detailed compilation of these ATB tests. Questions about the ATB tests can be directed towards KIAP@nysed.gov.

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